Asbestos Removal in Salisbury

If you find yourself looking to remove asbestos from your property, we invite you to contact the reputable and long-celebrated team at Carolina Demo & Abatement LLC. Over the years, we have worked everywhere, from government institutions and schools to new construction sites and private residences.

With us overseeing the asbestos removal process, you’ll get the peace of mind you need to re-enter your home, tear down walls, or whatever you wish.

Would you like to learn more about our asbestos abatement, removal, and decontamination services? All you have to do is contact us at (980) 643-4155. We cannot wait to serve you.

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Asbestos Removal Made Easy

More people know about the dangers of asbestos than they did twenty years ago, that is for certain. Homeowners and general contractors know that problems such as lung inflammation, scarring, other respiratory issues—and even cancer—are linked to this long-used hazardous material.

While many may understand why they should rid their residence of asbestos, there are those who do not know where to turn. As more and more homeowners and professionals are learning every day, there is no better asbestos removal team than ours.

Certified and Experienced

We have gone to great lengths to hone our skill-sets. As if having over two decades of experience in environmental and demolition industries is not enough, we are state-certified asbestos abatement contractors. Our certifications ensure you get nothing less than the most informed and refined service available today.

Our company’s founder also has a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Industrial Hygiene, allowing us to handle all facets of our operation with professionalism and ease. Rest assured, between our on-the-job experience and our extensive training, we are capable of doing what other asbestos abatement companies can only dream of.

Would you like to learn more about our commercial and residential asbestos removal services? Simply contact us at your convenience to speak to a representative.

Your Versatile Asbestos Abatement Company

We pride ourselves on our versatile nature. No matter the worksite and no matter the scope of the job, we’re capable of clearing the scene of all its asbestos. Over the years, we’ve removed asbestos from homes, businesses, hospitals, industrial worksites, and everything in between.

When we’re tasked with removing asbestos, we’ll look in all those hard-to-reach places and more:

  • Roof shingles and gutters
  • Beneath flooring
  • Flue pipes
  • Insulation below wood heaters
  • Wall sheeting
  • Internal angle moldings

Make sure your family, employees, or construction crew is safe from the hazards of asbestos. Work with us!

Say Goodbye to Asbestos Today

Are you certain there is asbestos beneath the floorboards? Do you have a hunch that your drywall is caked with this hazardous fibrous material? Whether you’re certain or suspicious, the best thing to do is contact a professional.

When the time comes to rid your property of asbestos, we hope you think of us. We offer state-certified residential and commercial asbestos abatement services, and we offer them at an incredible rate.

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